Free Spirit Spheres in Vancouver Island, Canada

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Name: Free Spirit Spheres Treehouse
Location: Vancouver Island (Canada)

Sources :  freespiritspheres | uniqhotels

Staying at the Free Spirit Spheres in Qualicum Beach just north of the ferry port Nanaimo opens up a world of magic to the visitor. Whether you are packing for a romantic getaway with the man or girl of your choice or a back-to-the-roots camping trip without camping, a night in a sphere seems just the right thing to do. When you stay in your sphere, you will experience a gentle rocking which soothes you to sleep at night. There are currently three spheres, all handcrafted. Two are made from wood and one from fiberglass. They have adjustable lighting and large windows so you don’t forget that you are sleeping in a freaking sphere suspended in the forest!

The idea behind this was born from a meditation practice and the spiritual experience of ‘oneness’. As a way of reflecting this through architecture, The Spheres resemble oneness and unity with nature. They also represent a nut with all its potential for growth. In a similar way, when you stay in a sphere you are symbolically connecting with your potential for growth as a human being.

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