HemLoft Treehouse in Whistler Forest, Canada

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Name : HemLoft Treehouse
Location : Whistler (Canada)

Sources : thehemloft | busyboo

The HemLoft is a self-funded secret creation that I built on crown land in Whistler, Canada. It hangs on a precipitous slope, in a towering stand of hemlocks, about a five minute walk from the nearest road.

Like the conception of a bird’s nest, all the constructive components had to be carried into the site while construction waste was taken back out. The entire weight of the egg-shaped treehouse is supported by the tree around which it is built. A perfect metaphor was made for an man-made creation that intends to be invisible as possible to the eyes of the surrounding nature.

The program behind this amazing tree house design is quite simple: a simple sleeping loft capable of being used as a secret camping spot on crown land in the woods. Recycled free materials were applied such as old doors, wood planks and the result couldn’t be more impressive: an overabundance of windows including hatches that open up from the loft, a tall vertical window that frames a neighboring tree and a sliding glass window that opens onto an outdoor covered deck. All conceived with the intention to enhance the awesome cliff-side view over the valley. Isn’t this an inspirational project for those who seek a profound connection with nature?

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