La Casa Del Àrbol in Baños De Agua Santa, Ecuador

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Name: La Casa Del Àrbol
Location: Baños De Agua Santa (Ecuador)

Source : inhabitat

Located in Baños, Ecuador, “La Casa del Árbol” (The Treehouse) is a seismic checking station perched atop a tree. Though the structure itself is cool, the real attraction here is attached to the branches. The “Crazy Swing” hangs above a cliff edge 8,350-feet above sea level. If you don’t suffer from a fear of heights (or a fear of death) you can swing yourself over the precipice and take in the magnificent views of Baños’ Tungurahua volcano.

The Crazy Swing at La Casa del Arbol can be reach by hiking up the path to Bellavista from the edge of Baños, Ecuador. It sits in between Cordillera Real and has incredible views of the active Tungurahua volcano. While the rough and ready treehouse serves as a seismic checking station, the unique bonus is without a doubt the swing hanging over the precipice.

Made simply from a metal beam attached to a rope hanging from a branch, this extreme attraction is only for brave hikers and fearless local kids. The swing lets thrill-seekers fly over an abyss without any safety measures whatsoever. Anyone daring enough to ride it will surely be given a serious adrenaline rush. We definitely think it’s worth trying at least once in lifetime!

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