Limited Edition in Mendoza, Argentina

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Name: Limited Edition | Vineyard Loft
Location: Mendoza (Argentina)

Sources : entrecielos | baumraum

A Swiss developer is creating a large wellness hotel near the Argentinean city of Mendoza. The hotel aims to offer a high standard and will comprise not only the main building, but also external accommodation on the property. The idea of building treehouses on this site was impossible owing to the absence of suitable trees. We were asked to design luxury guest accommodation that offers a maximum of comfort within a small space.

The region’s intense sunlight and heat during the summer and low temperatures in the winter meant that the buildings would have to feature good shading and good thermal insulation. We designed units consisting of an elliptical cabin with an external terrace situated on several irregularly placed steel columns. A two-flight stairway provides access to the entrance at a height of approximately five metres above ground.


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