Living the Highlife Treehouse in London, UK

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Name: Living the Highlife
Location: London (UK)

Source : designboom

british design firm blue forest has developed ‘living the highlife’, which is comprised of two treehouses, with one designated for children and the other for adults. the elevated dwellings are linked among a network of rope bridges, which accesses the ‘adventure play area’ and ‘assault course’ also located on the site. the aerial complex provides a playful getaway for the owners’ family, and is able to accommodate guests as well.

the children’s treehouse is characterized by its tall pointed towers, which reference medieval architectural forms. inside, a concealed hatch in the upper floor leads to a game room above. additionally, the complex includes an 80-yard zip line, which accesses the ‘assault course’ on the forest ground.

the adult dwelling features a low conical roof, with walls clad in hand-split oak shingles and cedar tongue-and-groove boards. the interior is composed of a kitchen, bathroom, and large living area, with a thick tree passing through the center of the space.

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