The Mind, Body And Spirit In Atlanta, USA

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Name: The Mind, Body And Spirit
Location: Atlanta (USA)

Sources : ownbuildnetwork
Photos : Jane Field-Lewis

Tucked away in the middle of an Atlanta backyard, is this three-room treehouse strung together with wooden bridges. Owner Peter Bahouth and builder Nick Hobbs created this eclectic space from an assortment of salvaged and recycled materials.

Peter is an environmentalist whose love of nature and memories of boyhood treehouses inspired him to create a grown-up fort in his Atlanta backyard.

The three rooms of this treehouse have been christened “Mind,” “Body” and “Spirit” by the owner. A suspension bridge connects the living room, or “Mind” portion of this Atlanta treehouse, to the “Body” or bedroom portion, that includes a platform bed that slides out for a better view of the tree canopy.

The third tier of this Atlanta treehouse — dubbed “Spirit” — is a platform surrounding a short leaf pine tree that the owner says has been there since the Civil War.

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