The treehouse in Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium

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Name: The treehouse by Baumraum
Location: Hechtel-Eksel (Belgium)

Sources : baumraum | inhabitat
Photographer: Markus Bollen

Bremen-based design studio Baumraum built this incredible treehouse retreat in Hechtel-Eksel that acts as an international conference center where businessmen and scientists can meet up and discuss sustainability. The eco-friendly treehouse bridges the gap between economy and ecology and encourages major stakeholders in the battle for sustainability to adopt an environmentally-conscious attitude and incorporate it into their daily activities.

Initially designed as a single sheet of paper that encloses both interior and exterior spaces, the building consists of two cabins on different levels, connected by terraces and a central staircase. The lower of the cabins is reserved for informal activities and auxiliary functions, comprising a coffee lounge, pantry, restroom and technology room. The upper cabin functions as a meeting place, hosting different events related to sustainability issues.

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